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Nylon Webbing

The nylon webbing is made of imported nylon, which is colorful and has a good feel. It has good elasticity and wear resistance in dry and wet conditions. It also has dimensional stability, small shrinkage rate, and has the advantages of straightening, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and quick drying. As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of nylon webbing in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality nylon webbing from our factory.
Nylon webbing is mainly made of nylon filament yarn, nylon shaped filament yarn, nylon high elastic yarn, nylon semi-dull filament and other materials. The nylon webbing provided by XDH Textile including Jacquard Nylon Webbing, Nylon Webbing Band Bag Straps, Multicolor Braided Nylon Elastic Webbing, New Style Nylon Webbing Customize and more.
1. Fully meet the environmental requirements of the webbing industry.
2. Contains no azo, washable, abrasion resistant, weak acid, alkali resistant, high quality.
3. High strength, not easy to break, strong dyeing performance.
4. Imported raw materials are used, through leading weaving technology and dyeing and weaving processes.
5. The color is bright, the hand feels soft, the texture is fine, the light is not light, and the washing fastness is high.
6. Products can be certified by Oeko-tex Standard 100, ROHS, PAHS, REACH, AZO, etc.
7. Contains no azo, washable, abrasion resistant, weak acid, alkali resistant, high quality.
Nylon webbing is used in clothing, shoes, hats, bags, belts, cotton woven bags, toys, handbags, crafts, automobiles, sporting goods, medical equipment, etc. It has a wide range of uses and market demand is very large.
Our Service:
1. Plane, rib, plaid, dot pattern, etc. are available.
2. Special fixing, jacquard, thermal transfer and softening are available.
3. Various nylon webbings can be processed according to customer requirements.
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