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Cotton Webbing

The cotton webbing provided by XDH Textile including cotton webbing fabric belts, cotton eco-friendly webbing tape, cotton webbing for rehabilitation and orthopedic, 20mm cotton webbing and straps and more. As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of cotton webbing in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality cotton webbing from our factory.
The webbing is exquisitely crafted and widely used. We can choose different kinds of webbing according to the application. The cotton webbing actually refers to the fabric woven from cotton yarn or cotton and cotton-type chemical fiber blended yarn.
Cotton products are everywhere, and cotton webbing is also closely related to people's lives. Cotton webbing is more resistant to alkali. Generally, dilute alkali does not affect cotton at normal temperature, but the strength of cotton will decrease after strong alkali action. The "silked" cotton cloth can be obtained by treating the cotton cloth with 20% caustic soda.
1. Microorganisms have a destructive effect on cotton. Its performance is not resistant to mold, cotton tape storage time is too long, there will be discoloration, odor and other phenomena.
2. The cotton belt is generally light resistant and heat resistant. In the sun and the atmosphere, the cotton cloth is slowly oxidized, causing it to drop strongly. The long-term high temperature action will damage the cotton cloth, but the cotton belt can withstand a short period of high temperature treatment of 125~150 °C, and will have no effect for the time being.
3. Cotton webbing is alkali resistant and acid resistant. Cotton is extremely unstable to inorganic acids, even if it is very dilute sulfuric acid, but the organic acid is weak and hardly destructive.
4. The cotton belt is extremely hygroscopic and has a large shrinkage rate. The data shows that it is about 4~10%.
With solid, lightweight, weather-resistant, durable, unique printing technology and cost-effective, it is an ideal material for clothing labels, sewing labels, textile labels and so on.