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​The Industry Of Webbing Ribbon Weaving Is A New Industry Which Has Not Long Been Emerging
- Sep 15, 2017 -

The industry of webbing ribbon weaving is a new industry which has not long been emerging, and its development has attracted many people's attention. Henghao weaving as a part of the industry, nature is particularly concerned about the development of the industry.

Generally speaking, the development of weaving industry has experienced two processes: accumulation stage and development stage. Know some friends should know the historical development of ribbon, ribbon is initially during the eighty s and eighty s of last century by the Hong Kong development under the trend of reform and opening to the outside of Taiwan to the mainland. During this period, the production of ribbon production in the hinterland began to rise, and a large number of production manufacturers were produced to supply the demand for clothing accessories. These factories not only have many, but also develop rapidly, they have made a certain scale very quickly. This is the beginning of the capital accumulation phase. However, after 2000, globalization gradually became popular, and some new ideas and new technologies abroad brought great influence to the development of all aspects of China. The weaving industry also caught up with a technological change during this period, which developed from the original manual workshop into a modern enterprise of machine production and processing. This is the development stage of the ribbon industry.

Now the advent of the Internet era has great influence on the weaving industry. The global circulation of products not only requires us to make breakthroughs in technology, but also requires more strict quality requirements. At the same time, because of the impact of the Internet on traditional industries, we also need to transform from traditional production and manufacturing to online and offline e-commerce. Henghao weaving is also seeing the development trend of these industries, and is facing the demands of technology and quality and the combination of the Internet, constantly developing and perfecting itself, and striving to become the leader of the weaving industry.