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Several Major Types And Characteristics Of Lace
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Embroidery: embroidery is embroidery. It was over a long period of history from around the world, handicraft gradually developed, embroidery lace can be divided into hand embroidered lace and embroidered two classes, machine embroidery in hand embroidered lace is developed on the basis of the production of lace varieties. Each nation has a unique color scheme and pattern. Chinese embroidery has a long history, occupies an important position in the national traditional handicraft. Hand embroidery is a traditional hand process, low production efficiency, embroidery patterns are often easy to produce inequalities, embroidery is also uneven. However, the pattern is too complex, more color, take back more of lace is not belong to hand, and hand embroidery embroidery more than icing on the edge. In China, the embroidery has a long history, in addition to household names such as four famous embroideries of China Su embroidery, Xiang embroidery, embroidery and embroidery, Han lu embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, needlepoint, embroidery, Qin Li Shen embroidery, embroidery, and excellent skills such as embroidery and ethnic minorities.