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Main Layout Of The Webbing
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Main layout of the webbing

At present, there are many weaving belt enterprises in the country. There are many webbing factories and traders in various places. The most concentrated places are Guangzhou, Dongguan, Quanzhou, Yiwu, Wenzhou, etc. Due to different local advantages, the prices are different. The textile belt manufacturers throughout the country are concentrated and the grades are uneven. The Quanzhou area is mid-range in the whole country, and some have high-grade ribbons. Yiwu has some advantages in raw materials and artificial advantages.

Classification of webbing

(1) by material

Nylon / Tedron / PP polypropylene / acrylic / cotton / polyester / gold and silver onions / spandex / light wire / rayon, etc.

The distinction between nylon and PP webbing: Generally, the nylon webbing is woven and dyed first, so the color of the yarn after splitting will be the color of the white yarn due to uneven dyeing, and the PP webbing will first dye the yarn and then weave it. There is a phenomenon that the yarn is white; in contrast, the nylon webbing is more glossy and softer than the PP webbing; it can also be distinguished by the chemical reaction of burning; the nylon webbing is generally higher in price than the PP webbing.

The Tedron webbing is relatively soft, and the matt acrylic webbing is made up of two materials: Tedron and cotton.

(2) According to the weaving method, it is divided into three categories: plain, twill, satin and miscellaneous. (plain / small ripple / twill / safety webbing / pit pattern / bead pattern / jacquard and other PP webbing can be divided into 900D/1200D/1600D according to the thickness of the yarn; at the same time we should pay attention to the thickness of the webbing, the thickness also determines its unit price and toughness Degree.)

(3) According to the nature of use, clothing-like webbing, shoe-like webbing, luggage-like webbing, security-like webbing, and other special webbings.

(4) According to the characteristics of the webbing, it is divided into two types: elastic webbing and rigid webbing (non-elastic webbing).

(5) by process

Mainly for the woven belt and knitted belt two categories. The webbing, especially the jacquard webbing, is somewhat similar to the fabric labeling process, but the warp labeling warp is fixed and the weft yarn is used to express the pattern; while the webbing basic weft yarn is fixed, the warp yarn is used to express the pattern, and the small machine is used, each time the plate is produced and produced. It takes a long time to thread and adjust the machine, and the efficiency is relatively low. But you can create a wide variety of dazzling products that don't always have the same faces as cloth labels. The main function of the webbing is decorative and functional. Such as popular cell phone straps and so on. After the tape is woven, it is also possible to silk screen various characters/patterns, which is generally cheaper than directly weaving the text patterns.

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