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Introduction To The Classification And Use Of Garment Accessories Elastic Band
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Introduction to the classification and use of garment accessories elastic band

Classification of elastic bands: The classification of elastic bands is divided into woven elastic bands, knitted elastic bands and woven elastic bands according to different weaving methods. The woven elastic band is made of cotton or chemical fiber as warp and weft, and is interwoven with a set of rubber yarn (latex or spandex) according to a certain rule. The fabric can be made of plain, heavy, twill, double layer, double and jacquard. The woven elastic band has a tight texture and a wide variety.

The use of clothing accessories elastic band: elastic band as a clothing accessories, widely used in clothing cuffs, hem, bra, garter, waistband, waist, shoe mouth, as well as sports body and medical stretch. Especially suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothing, sweaters, sportswear, rhythm clothing, wedding dresses, T-shirts, hats, bust, masks and other clothing products. The knitted elastic band is woven by warp knitting weft insertion method. The warp threads are tied into a chain under the action of a hook or a tongue, and the weft is lined in each chain, and the scattered chains are connected into a belt, the rubber yarn is covered by a braid, or two sets of wefts Clamping. Knitted elastic bands can weave a variety of small patterns, color strips and crescent edges. The texture is loose and soft. Most of the raw materials are made of nylon elastic yarn. Most of the products are used in women's bras and underwear. The woven elastic band is also called the ingot woven elastic band, and the warp is woven by the "8"-shaped track around the rubber wire through the spindle. The belt pattern is herringbone, the bandwidth is generally 0.3~2 cm, the texture is between the woven and knitted elastic bands, the color variety is relatively monotonous, and it is mostly used for clothing.

The elastic band material is selected for today's green and environmentally friendly life. The elastic band tends to use non-toxic and harmless TPU as raw material. And can be added into auxiliary high-elastic additives to enhance its elasticity.