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GST Protest: Textile Traders In Mumbai May Go On Strike From Today
- Sep 08, 2017 -

The opposition to the goods and service tax (GST) is growing among textile traders in the state.

The traders in Munbai market will decide on Wednesday whether to go on a strike to protest against GST imposed on their trade.

Mumbai is one of the oldest and biggest textile trade markets in India.

Textile traders in Ahmedabad are already on an indefinite strike since Monday to protest against the new tax regime.

Merchants in Bhiwandi in neighbouring Thane district started their strike from Monday.

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Traders in 13 wholesale markets in Mumbai including Mangaldas Market, Mulji Jetha Market, Swadeshi Market and Sindhi Market went on strike last month as GST regime started. They later withdrew it.

The traders are against the GST levied at every stage of processing.

“Our powerloom owners are uneducated and they cannot keep tab of every transaction. It is a cumbersome process and will make things difficult,” said Sharadram Sejpal, spokesperson, Bhiwandi Powerloom Association. “We are not against GST, but it should be imposed on the yarn itself in the first stage, instead of levying it at every stage,” he said.

He said that from the yarn to the final sale of cloth, there are 18 stages like sizing, weaving, dyeing, printing, transport at which GST is being levied.