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Fire The Proper Use Of The Lifeline With Errors
- Jan 14, 2017 -

People in panic situations, often trembling hands and feet weakness in such circumstances relies on users on pinch grasp rope by hand to how much friction exactly? , Not to mention the hand squeeze the rope will bring hands and frictional heating of the rope caused by injuries, is used once more deadly hand hot to consciously relax moments in an open hand down a rope to slide down, the result is a non-death injury. At present judging from our factory on fire lifeline of sales, customer requirements and very few are equipped with safety belts and 8 word loop. From a commercial point of view us as a business is more interested in product sales, the better, but from the point of view of a security technician is worried, worried about the lifeline sold what would be produced by a security risk, will these lifeline when using set 8 word loop and safety belt use.