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Elastic Bending In The Production Process Do
- Jan 14, 2017 -

First of all, we need to understand how bending is caused by, resulting in general because of the following 4 types. 1, steel buckle wear no uniform; 2, first pulling yarn uneven; 3 carabiners is misplaced; 4, yarns the right way. Curved white elastic band-six lines. Know the reasons causing bent, then how to measure. 1, steel buckle wear must be formal wear, group 1 or group 2 wear. 2, the lighter side of large, pull out some, until, like other flat or little 1-5. 3, carabiners and needle distance, there is a steel buckle the empty distance. 4, according to the Ribbon needed, divided into upper and lower layers, or left and right, are generally to be neck and neck, a band even if there are more than two practices, or grain, will separate.