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Classification Of Elastic Band
- Jan 14, 2017 -

According to different weaving methods into woven elastic band, knitted elastic, knitted elastic band. Woven elastic band made of cotton or man-made fibres for the warp and weft, and a set of rubber (latex or spandex) according to certain rules woven into it. Knitted elastics tricot lined with loom weaving. Warp in the presence of needle or needle, forming knitted chain, parallel behind sections chain, linked series with the decentralized, coated rubber thread by knitting chain, or two-group parallel clamp. Knitted elastic band can weave all kinds of small pattern, color and scallop, loose and soft texture, raw materials most used nylon stretch yarn products are mostly used for women's Bras and panties. Woven elastic woven elastic band, also known as ingot, longitude running through the wire around the rubber of spindle by pressing "8"-shaped tracks woven together. Texture herringbone, bandwidth is 0.3~2 cm, between the texture of woven and knitted elastic band, variety was rather dull, used clothing.

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