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Why a waist support brace is needed when exercies?
- Dec 20, 2017 -

Why a waist support brace is needed when exercies?

1, Pressure effect. 

A good waist support can cause a certain pressure on the muscles, adjust the exercise force balance. To a certain extent, enhance muscle strength, reduce swelling. Muscles are stimulated during exercise, and proper exertion of pressure helps to make exercise easier and more powerful.

2, Waist support.

A suitable waist protector with suitable hardness  can provide very useful support during exercise, good protection when waist is over bent. Some functional waistbands are attached to the back of the metal sheet, effectively providing greater supportive force to avoid accidental injury.

3, Keep your waist warm.

In the market, many kinds of waist band with double or multi-layer material, which has strong thermal insulation. Athletes often wear very little during sports, while the waist more heat, easy to get cold, which will cause backache, cramps or stomache. Waist insulation performance can effectively maintain the waist temperature, speed up blood circulation, avoid getting colds and comfort stomach.

4, body sculpting.

 During exercise, pressure, heat absorption sweat waist can speed up the decomposition of fat. Strengthen cell metabolism, burn fat, adjust the tightness。 Appropriate pressure will help to lose weight and body sculpting. 

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