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Webbing material
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Polyester (PET): 1, strong wear resistance. 2, poor water absorption, moisture 0.4% (20 ℃, relative humidity 65%,100g pet water 0.4g). 3, susceptible to static and pilling. 4, acid no alkali. Note: under certain temperature, concentrations of alkali destruction surface of polyester fabrics feel soft. 5, good corrosion resistance, light resistance. 6, polyester woven fabric easily wrinkle, good dimensional stability, easy to wash and dry fast. Polyester spinning: 1, FDY (filament): parallel smooth single fibers, bright, light, semi-gloss, matting, and weakened in their brightness. 2, DTY (play): single-fiber bending, low expansion, fluffy, as shown in figure. 3, DTY yarn (low elastic interlaced yarn): the phase network and increase cluster capacity between (light without a net, net, net, net, NET can be used for sizing). Under normal circumstances, FDY, DTY must sizing or twist for warps.