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Types of Elastic Band
- Dec 26, 2017 -

There are many types of colored elastic band, such as elastic jacquard band, gingival elastic band and net elastic band. These elastic bands are generally used to weave the finished yarn based on customer's needs, so the color elastic band generally need customized.

Conventional knitted elastic and mercerized elastic bands are generally available on the market in black and white stock sizes available in stock, but the special color requirements according to pantone card, the general lead time will be around ten to fifteen days

Cotton elastic band has good hygroscopicity, under normal circumstances, cotton belt absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere , the moisture content around 8-10%, so it is in contact with human skin, people feel soft and comfortable, also easy dyeing, very convenient.

       Elastic band appearance inspection should be indoor natural light test, such as lack of light, can be used to supplement the normal fluorescent light. Tight woven elastic texture, variety, widely used in clothing, apparel, cuffs, hem, pants or underwear, etc.