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Textile industry: meeting future challenges
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Fiber textile industry is not what it was, it has get rid of clothing tied to never widely used. People are passionate about it, because the old traditional industries constantly exudes a youthful atmosphere. People who have seen a lot of new development changes, fiber products, makes it possible to many unthinkable things, solves a lot of problems, it is also developing, progressive, forward. This is reminiscent of what has been said: "inventing things in the world have been invented. "This sentence from 1899 United States National Patent Office Director Charles? Douville (Charles h. Duell). He later never said these words just expressed a similar view. With the passage of time, it was discovered that can invent more and more things. Innovators, including those of technology leader in textiles has brought us, makes our lives and getting better and better.