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Quality of color fastness on an elastic band effect
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Color fastness is elastic the most important indicators of the quality of the good and the bad, is mainly concerned about friction resistance, color fastness to perspiration, water resistance, light resistance, abrasion resistance. Product uses to determine the main credentials evaluation projects, to require special. Unwinding yarn-dyed Ribbon factory production problems can be big or small, if the Ribbon to dress up accessories wash decolorization, the whole dress, probably together with the washed clothes polluted. Decolorization of Ribbon will give a serious brand of aversion. Features Jacquard elastic band Christmas edition.Unusual to see all variety of fine elastic bands to go through a number of processes in the production process, in the process, due to material, manufacturing process, for various reasons, such as the formation of operation errors, Ribbon is often different batches, even uniform batches of fabric in the colors will vary. Fabric color differences of size, if the color difference of the light source, the environment, the time difference, the evaluation of color differences.