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How to choose a suitable belt protection?
- Dec 23, 2017 -

How to choose a suitable belt protection?

1, Purpose. It means why you want to buy it?

One is for lumbar discomfort or lumbar disease populations to provide protection and health care function belt. In addition, there is also a specially designed for the protection of postpartum women plate protection belt, also known as corset belt. This two kinds of belt, protecting shape are very similar, but the role is very different. So make your choice based on the actual situation.

2, Heat performance.

Waist brace protection is the most important role in the protection of the waist, relieve pain. If you want to play a certain role in the treatment and care, it is best to buy self-heating function with a protective belt.

3, By materials.

Waist brace material selection is the key step, you need to check whether the material is thin enough and breathable. Choose a good material of the waist can help you loving wear it and protect well