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Elastic band material for underwear
- Dec 27, 2017 -

Recently, XDH received a lot of inquires, request for elastic band for underwears.

So today, we get an adition to briefly introduce the main materials we used for underwears

1, Silk (Silk): very excellent material, not occur static electricity, and also absorb sweat and breathable. The only disadvantage is can not be cleaned by washing machine, which means all cleaning should be done by hand. Velvet with elegant cotton luxurious and its natural smooth feel. If the French lace or Swiss embroidery and velvet decorated with, gorgeous effect can be achieved, which any other fabric never compare to this.

2. Cotton (Cotton): Sweat-absorbent, breathable, warm and strong, wearing a very comfortable feeling, easy to dye and print, suitable for girls underwear. Recent years, manufacturers also like to combine cotton with other various kinds of fibers. Adding chemical fibers to cotton, especially for underwear, is not only a supportive but non-irritating to underwear. Nowadays ladies still prefer cotton underwear to other materiail just because of its unique breathable characters

3. Nylon :  this material is strong and will not be deformed easily, this kind of material are used for bra straps.

4. Polyurethane/Spandex:  This material has much more flexible and elasticity than rubber. It commonly used as a chest strap buckle

5. Lycra : It feels like rubber, produced in the 1960s fabric. The original purpose of the invention is to replace corset rubber. Therefore, the Lycra itself is characterized by flexibility, comfort and bearing capacity to make the undergarment more good feeling, easy to aliasing, less prone to wrinkles, etc. Just because of these good points, Lycra also is described as the "second skin "