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Elastic band also need moisture and will teach you several simple methods
- Jan 14, 2017 -

First of all, to make sure it is prevention. Often let air out the elastic band warehouse, Sun, Sun, is better. Second, when the wet weather hits, we have to close every window of the warehouse, in particular South-facing Windows, can't let wet dive. Third, we can also use some of the technology is the use of the electric dehumidifier to reduce indoor air humidity. Some of the air conditioning and dehumidification function. This method is slow and unable to produce instant dehumidification effect. Color horse elastic band IV, is to hang some desiccant in the elastic band warehouse, this can go to the supermarket to buy dedicated in moisture-proof dehumidify desiccant. V, is to buy Ribbon moisture-proof cabinets, into safety. But the costs are higher, small elastic bands in general there is no need to use this method.