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Choose the best waist trimmer
- Sep 09, 2017 -

The waistband is also known as girdle, waist, waist and waist, which can be used in conservative treatment of patients with lumbar disease and rehabilitation training after lumbar surgery. Generally speaking, a gas-permeable waist belt retainer, high elastic around the elastic, strengthening belt, there were half hard aluminum alloy or plastic article, medical fiber can limit lumbar activities, protect the waist organization, relieve or ease the pain.

Under normal circumstances, the need to wear belt groups include the waist dish outstanding disease, lumbar spine, strain of lumbar muscles, such as a variety of lumbar disease, and patients with acute lumbar sprain especially acute lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion; People who have undergone lumbar surgery and need to be rehabilitative; Lumbar back discomfort caused by overwork or fatigue; People who stay in the same position for long periods of time, such as long-haul drivers.

There is a wide variety of belts on the market and the price is very different. In order to attract customers, the merchants also give some labels such as spontaneous heating, moxibustion and salt-bag.

The ninth people's hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, director of orthopaedic doctor zhao jie said the belt is the main function of the protection of the waist, by limiting the waist activities to achieve the purpose of ease back pain, namely by limiting the lumbar flexion movement, ease the pressure in the intervertebral disc, make the damage of intervertebral disc can rest adequately, at the same time reduce the burden of lumbar muscles and ligaments around, prevent injury continues to increase, the body restore to create good conditions for patients.

When choosing, pay attention to three points, one is the comfort of the belt. The waist is worn around the waist, not in the hip. Good protect waist one put on immediately have a kind of restraint feeling, the waist has a feeling of "stand up", and this kind of restraint feeling is comfortable. In addition, it should be hard enough. The protective waist that has remedial action, must have certain hardness to support the waist, dispersal waist force. This kind of waist has a "steel bar" in the back of the waist, and if it is hard to bend it, it proves that hardness is sufficient. Three is for use. Strain of lumbar muscles, lumbar degenerative lumbar pain, requirements for protection and treatment effect is not too high, can choose a few more elastic, breathable waist support, relatively high comfort, the waist support and close-fitting, women wear in it do not affect beautiful also. If the lumbar spine operation or the appearance of lumbar instability, slip, it is better to choose a very hard waist to protect the lumbar spine. As for those who have magnetic therapy, infrared and other physiotherapy to protect the waist, the price can be a lot more expensive, can choose according to oneself circumstance.