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8 Kinds of Textile Machinery Likely to Be Popular in 2017
- Sep 08, 2017 -

In 2017, under marketing pressure from both home and abroad, the textile industry will continue its supply-side structural reform. Under such background, it is impossible to maintain the sales growth of textile machinery by relying on scale growth. For textile machinery industry, variety and quality are what its customers more care for.

8 kinds of textile machines may become bestsellers in 2017, according to a report published by China Textile News.

The first is roving-spinning unit. The biggest advantages of such system is labor saving. Over the past few years, many suppliers of roving-spinning unit and spinning-winding unit have seen significant growth in both production and sales. Under the current situation of recruitment difficulty and increasing labor cost, roving-spinning unit is expected to maintain its position as a bestseller on market in 2017.

The second is compact spinning unit. Compact-spun yarn has reduced hairiness. Fabric woven with compact-spun yarn has better air permeability and smoother surface than the fabric woven with conventional yarn in same warp and weft density. Compact-spun yarn, when being used in knitting, can significantly reduce breakage, and when being used in yarn-dyed weaving, can reduce weft-wise slub, thus improving fabric surface. Many enterprises have applied compact spinning technology in producing blended yarn containing bast fiber, polyester fiber and cool fiber, etc., aimed at improving the functions and styles of fabric. Despite the poor operation of the textile economy, users pose increasing requirements on yarn quality, while compact-spun yarn is just the right choice for meeting the requirement.

In the first three quarters of 2016, about 4.2 million spindles (including retrofitting) of compact spinning unit were sold, up 90.3% year-on-year.

The next possible bestseller is long spinning frame with integrated doffing, which has been sold well over the past few years thanks to a number of advantages such as labor-saving and high automation level. As many Chinese textile enterprises are facing recruitment difficulty, such machine can meet their needs for enhancing productivity and reducing labor. Despite the difficult situation confronted by the textile industry, some competitive enterprises continue to expand their production scale. When buying new machines, they give first consideration to long spinning frame. They have played certain role in guiding the buying tendency of the industry.

Related figures show that in the first three quarters of 2016, China sold 2.97 million spindles of cotton spinning frames, up 14.23% year-on-year, including 1.84 million spindles of long spinning frame, up 67.27%. Long spinning frames make up 61.90% of the installed spinning capacity, 19.65 percentage points higher than in the same period of 2015. As automatic and manless machines will become the dominant trend, long spinning frame is expected to have a good market.