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Loop Elastic Webbing

Loop elastic webbing is a knitted elastic ring with a 100% flexibility range. Used in conjunction with the corresponding products to create safe and flexible fasteners, loop elastic webbing is ideal for applications that require quick and easy closure and extra comfort and flexibility. It is suitable for medical, health, sports and apparel applications.
We are determined to provide the best products at competitive prices. Our reputation for integrity and quality in a wide range of materials will be reflected in this range of printed narrow fabrics.
The loop elastic webbing webbing provided by XDH Textile including Heavy Duty Hook Loop Elastic Webbing, Loop Elastic Webbing For Bag, Elastic Colorful Reflective Nylon Customized Webbing, Customized Double Loop Elastic Belt and more. As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of loop elastic webbing in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality loop elastic webbing from our factory.
- Using patent-pending technology to make fabrics have more hidden edges
- Provide complete test information to improve washing ability
- Heavy duty: The belt loop is made of high quality nylon elastic. It is rugged and keeps the belt tight.
- Convenience: The belt loop is suitable for men's tactical belts, travel belts, hiking belts, outdoor sports belts. These premium loop elastic webbings give your finished equipment a unique look.