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Jacquard Elastic Webbing

As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of jacquard elastic webbing in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality jacquard elastic webbing from our factory.
Jacquard elastic webbing is a webbing with a complex pattern and a pattern or text. The jacquard ribbon pattern is meticulous and never deformed. The product is made of imported nylon yarn, environmentally friendly dye, and the most advanced computer jacquard machine, dyeing and finishing equipment and dyeing and finishing process.
Jacquard elastic webbing can generally be used for high-end clothing materials or decorative materials (such as curtains, sofa cloth materials). The manufacturing process of jacquard belts is complicated. The warp and weft yarns are intertwined and uplifted to form different patterns, and the unevenness is made to woven a beautiful pattern.
The unique texture of the jacquard elastic webbing is soft, delicate and smooth, with good gloss, good drape and breathability, and high color fastness (yarn dyeing).
The jacquard elastic webbing provided by XDH Textile including High Quality Knitted Elastic Band With Jacquard For Underwear, 2018 Superior Quality Custom Elastic Band Bra Strap, High Quality Custom Durable Textile Jacquard Elastic Band, Elastic Band Jacquard Elastic Band For Men Underwear and more.
Jacquard elastic webbings are further divided into warp jacquard belts and weft jacquard belts. The weft jacquard belt is woven from the yarn in the transverse direction of the jacquard belt. The warp jacquard belt is woven from the vertical direction of the jacquard weaving machine. Jacquard belts are rich in color, not monotonous, and the three-dimensional pattern is stronger and the grade is higher. The width of the jacquard belt is not limited, and it can be customized.
- It can be single-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard. The ribbon has excellent hand feeling and bright color, which does not damage the fabric.
- It can enhance the brand image and increase the added value of the product.
- The pattern is large and exquisite, and the color layer has a distinct three-dimensional effect.
- Mainly used as high-end bags of shoulder straps, belts, lanyards, domestic and foreign brands sports backpacks.
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