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Custom Printed Underwear Elastic Waistband

Custom Printed Underwear Elastic Waistband

Custom Printed Underwear Elastic Waistband

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Product Details

Custom printed underwear elastic waistband from China factory

Product Description

This product description:

Product material: color with 100% imported nylon (nylon) yarn production, through ROSH REACH and other environmental testing certification. Does not contain azo, formaldehyde and other chemical composition;

Process: the first after dyeing

Specifications: conventional width of 0.5CM ~ 12CM and other thickness of 0.5MM ~ 3.0MM can be produced according to customer requirements;

Color: blue, black, gray, purple, green and other multi-color options, but also according to PANTONG international color card dyeing;

Features: commonly used in various types of bags for the size of bags for the package edge, clothing, such as footwear package

Packaging: 100 yards / volume

Description: According to the customer's request to do different colors, different lines, different specifications, good quality, delivery prospective, excellent prices, all-round 100% to meet customer requirements;

After-sales service: We will sell the products in a timely manner to understand and comprehensive after-sales service, "your satisfaction" is my duty.


 underware strap



soft strap



pattern strap



elastic strap



good quality strap

Company Information

Shenzhen XDH textile Co., Ltd. introduced Taiwan's advanced equipment, more than 100 sets of ribbon machine, jacquard machine 10, high-speed rope machine 30, dyeing machine 6, to achieve weaving and dyeing one-stop service, products meet ROHS, REACH, EN71, California 65 and other international certification standards, products are sold to the Mainland, Hong Kong, exported to Europe and the United States, Asia.


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Factory main products:

1. Our factory specializes in the production of nylon ribbon, bag side belt, polyester ribbon, PP ribbon, jacquard ribbon, luggage strap shoulder belt, all kinds of rope, elastic rope, belt, set warp, ribbon, dyeing, finished product processing service.

(Such as: work card hanging, mobile phone lanyard, mobile phone zipper rope, camera lanyard, MP3 lanyard, U disk strap, harness, lanyard, answer)

3. Strap series (such as: children's strap, adult strap, guitar strap, camera strap, mountaineering strap)

4. travel products rope series (such as: luggage belt, luggage belt, mountaineering buckle, beverages sling, kettle harness)

5. Fashion jewelry rope series (such as: hand strap, wrist band, finger belt, tape tape, carry belt, belt, glasses lanyard, medal hanging belt, shoelaces, pet with pet collar series,

6. automotive supplies rope series (such as: two-point three-point car seat belts, manual automatic car seat belts, baby seat belts, adult seat belts, rope, etc.).

7. A variety of materials: a special multi-dragon (polyester, poly), nylon, PVC, PU, silicone, resin, metal and so on.

8. A variety of processes: silk screen, thermal transfer (sublimation), glue transfer, printing, jacquard, embroidery, weaving Mark; luminous, reflective, flash, laser, three-dimensional, foam and so on.

9. OEM can be customized according to customer demand for production.

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