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Dog Leash

Dog Leash is designed to make it easy for you to walk your dog or run with your dog! Perfect for walking with any dog, you can easily adjust the length of this belt to ensure that you and your pet are always comfortable. Dog leash is a comfortable alternative to nylon leashes. Looking for a dog leash that will make your curious dog more convenient to walk? Our dog leashes are a favorite choice for many people.
Don't make the highest quality and comfortable short dog strap for you and your dog. Dog leash is great for medium and large dogs. It also comes with heavy-duty clips and a soft, comfortable handle with neoprene. These belts are ideal for serving dog owners, trainers, and even simple daily activities such as veterinarian visits or walking in crowded areas.
As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of dog leash in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality dog leash from our factory.
- It is made of high-strength polyethylene nylon thread.
- The clips are rugged, safe and ergonomic for one-handed accessories.
- Adjustable padded handle and side release buckle with aluminum; can be held by hand, worn at the waist or fixed around a tree or pillar.
- A convenient accessory ring allows you to connect pick-up bags or small clip-on items.
- Comfortable hand protection - The soft neoprene handle makes you feel comfortable even when pulled by a large dog.
- Serving animals, training, visual access - the perfect length of a service dog trainer, dog trainer or dog walker.
- The dog leash should not be used with an untrained dog. - Please pay attention to the position of the retractable cord, never grab it with bare hands.
- Please note that the dog leash should not be wrapped around your fingers or legs - if you move quickly, it may cut or burn.
- Be sure to read the safety information to understand the problem with the belt.
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