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PP Dog Harness

As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of pp dog harness in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality pp dog harness from our factory.
Controlling your dog walk is essential for happy dogs and happy owners, and the right type of walking equipment can help. PP dog harnesses are a great tool because they provide comfort to dogs and most dogs are easy to adapt to them. It minimizes the chance of strain, neck strain and escape. More importantly, this PP dog harness allows you to regain control of your dog in social situations. No-Pull Harness provides security when walking dogs in public places.
PP dog harness is made from a soft and sturdy PP webbing with four adjustable nodes for maximum comfort and flexibility for all breeds of puppies and adult dogs. The belt behind your dog's front legs is lined with velvet to help prevent friction and abrasions. Also, all edges of the PP dog harness are turned over to prevent them from irritating the dog's skin. The wire harness is made of stainless steel.
Looking for a heavy-duty but comfortable one-piece PP dog harness? This is it! A versatile, comfortable and extremely durable heavy duty PP dog harness for search and rescue, swaying, off-season training, exercise and more. Each PP dog harness is very hardworking and can be used for training, work or walking! The harness consists of a durable nylon webbing, stainless steel hardware and a high-impact buckle.
- PP dog harnesses are easy to wear and comfortable to wear;
- The harness does not entangle under the front legs as often as the collar or front wire harness;
- Well tested and validated design;
- The strap is divided into two parts for easy installation and flexible use of the dog;
- Both parts can be fully adjusted;
 - Comfortable and flexible with a padded chest, with a separate detachable leg loop for added safety;
- Adjustable dog harness allow you to create a custom fit for your dog;
- Depending on the size, shape and weight of the dog, the strap with or without the leg loop can be twisted from the main lifting/lowering point.
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