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PP Dog Collar

The inside of the PP dog collar is a foam material, which can effectively slow down the pulling force of the traction belt. It is similar to soft skin, and the hand feel is super good. The real collar does not hurt the dog hair! You can add your own buttonholes according to the actual situation.
Made of high-quality PP, PP dog collar has the advantages of excellent texture, sturdy and durable, beautiful appearance. Its inner cushion has a foam neckband, which can effectively reduce the pulling force of the traction belt, effectively protect the pet's neck, and is more comfortable. Buy this dog collar and never worry about the damage to the dog's neck. Its role is to protect, control and tow pets. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is made of imported nylon material, with bright colors and excellent hand feeling. At the same time, special fixing, jacquard, thermal transfer, softening, etc. can be carried out according to the requirements of the dog owner.
The PP dog collar provided by XDH Textile including Unique Cute Top Pet Dog Collars, Reflective Nylon Led Dog Collar, Flashing Dog Collar and more. As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of pp dog collar in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality pp dog collar from our factory.
When the dog wears the collar, the attention should not be too tight, because the collar is too tight to cause damage to the dog when it is suddenly running or excited. A suitable collar should be after the dog is worn, and there should be room for the owner to put two fingers.
1. High temperature resistance, dirt resistance, can be customized
2. The relative density is small and the quality is light. 3. Good mechanical properties and impact resistance.
4. Does not absorb water and does not react with most chemicals.
5. It has good electrical insulation and can protect your dog's safety.