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Unique Cute Top Pet Dog Collars

Unique Cute Top Pet Dog Collars Also Has High Quality, And Factory Price. Firstly, you can add whatever logo you want, secondly you can choose the texture you like. Customize are available.

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Product Details

Mode Number:Unique Cute Top Pet Dog Collars


  • 100% Brand New And High quality,Unique Cute Top Pet Dog Collars


  • The New Design light up dog collar can be set to fast flash, slow flash or on constantly


  • The included 2x CR2016 batteries will last approximately 60 hours before they need replacing


  • The collar size can easily be adjusted and the quick release buckle allows you to put on and take off instantly.


  • Ultra Bright Auraglow LED chip for high visibility at great distance (up to 1000ft)


  • Fast Flash, Slow Flash or Constant Light setting


  • Weather resistant (but not for dogs who like to swim)!  

  • Einforced quick release buckle with welded stainless steel D ring 




    Unique Cute Top Pet Dog Collars Size:

    S Neck Circumference: 35cm-43cm, Width: 2.5cm

    M Neck Circumference:40cm-48cm, Width: 2.5cm

    L Neck Circumference: 45cm-53cm, Width: 2.5cm

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