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Nylon Dog Collar

As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of nylon dog collar in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality nylon dog collar from our factory. Nylon dog collars have no hard edges to rub, durable and comfortable to wear. It can be adjusted according to the dog collar, which is suitable for medium and large dogs.
The nylon dog collar is a pet collar made of nylon webbing to protect, control and tow pets. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is made of imported nylon material, with bright colors and excellent hand feeling. At the same time, special fixing, jacquard, thermal transfer, softening, etc. can be carried out according to the requirements of the dog owner.
- Made of imported raw materials, made by leading dyeing and weaving process;
- Excellent anti-aging and anti-UV properties;
- Excellent low temperature resistance, it has a delicate feel when used, and it has flexibility even in cold winters;
- Protect your pet's fur while training your pet, not being hurt by friction;
- When the trainer trains the pet, the trainer's hand is protected to the maximum extent, and the power-type pet does not hurt his hand when running in an instant;
- Suitable for all types of dogs;
- It won't be moldy, and it can be wiped off with a wet towel after being soiled.
1. Unpack the nylon dog collar that you have selected;
2. Take out the nylon dog collar;
3. Put the collar on the dog's neck first. Determine the size of the dog's neck, and then select the appropriate hole for the buckle;
4. After the loop is determined, the end with the metal buckle is pulled onto the "D" ring of the collar, and the operation ends.