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Mesh Dog Collar

The mesh dog collar provided by XDH Textile including Lucury Different Large Pet Dog Collar And Dog Leash Harness & Best Cheap Special Dog Leads Leashes And Collars. As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of mesh dog collar in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality mesh dog collar from our factory.
The inside of the mesh dog collar features soft mesh padding and ergonomics, and the edges are soft to protect the pet's neck and strong enough to tighten the tension. Breathable mesh lining makes this dog leash very comfortable, does not cause damage to the dog, buckle design, easy to carry! Mesh dog collar and fashion collections have been carefully designed to help keep your pet visible and safe in the dark. This collar combines the best design, but it's worth noting that your puppies grow very fast and their collars need to be adjusted regularly and eventually replaced.
1. Check the item for wear and replace it if it is damaged.
2. High quality, adjustable and comfortable - Super 100% polyester mesh webbing with high strength stitching for maximum strength and dog safety.
3. Easy to put on the quick release buckle for full adjustment. 4. The shackle with ring is not only made of ordinary steel, but made of a strong anti-corrosion zinc alloy.
5. The buckle is light in weight and has a large load-bearing capacity, which can improve the tensile strength of the nylon pet dog collar.
6. Breathable mesh lining makes this dog leash very comfortable and does not harm the dog.