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Dog Collar

The dog collar provided by XDH Textile including Unique Cute Top Pet Dog Collars, Black Climbing Rope Dog Leash, Nylon Ribbon Dog Collar For Any Dogs, Designer Dog Harness and more. As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of dog collar in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality dog collar from our factory.
Dog collar offers a unique touch on an ultra-sturdy collar, giving your dog a unique look. This dog collar is not only super sharp, but also extremely durable. Are you tired of all the same old boring dog collars? Then it is time to change. Your dog will definitely stand out.
This design features a miniature seat belt buckle, which is made of stainless steel, has the strength and reliability you can trust, and can be easily lifted up and down with a button release, working like a classic seat belt. The high-density polyester webbing features a cool design for safety. Dog Collar is perfect for dogs with long necks or those that tend to be strapped. The smallest shape of the collar is combined with discreet silver metal parts to give it a stylish and elegant look.
1. The retro, rustic look is the perfect headwear accessory for your dog.
2. A true miniature seat belt buckle made of rugged steel.
3.Durable, high-density polyester webbing helps ensure the safety of your dog.
4. The inside of the collar is softly padded to protect your dog's neck from friction and irritation.
5. Provide maximum comfort for your dog without taking shortcuts.
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