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Waist Brace

The waist brace is also called the abdomen belt, and today it mainly refers to the postpartum waist brace. The earliest postpartum waist brace is mainly made of gauze bandage winding method to achieve the corset effect. After childbirth, because the maternal body is weaker, the ligament elasticity in the body cannot be recovered in time, and it is easy to produce visceral drooping. The waist brace can help the body to support the internal organs. The timely use of the corset belt after delivery also has the effect of stopping bleeding and promoting wound healing.
Our waist braces are new, the design is more scientific, the materials are better, the functions are more complete, the more convenient professional functions are used to abdomen, the professional high-quality waist brace can help shrink the abdomen, promote the uterus, the birth canal, and prevent internal organs. Drooping, promoting the release of lochia and reducing the legacy of suffering.
As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of waist brace in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality waist brace from our factory.
1. Health and environmental protection: It is made of natural environmentally friendly rubber wire, which has good elastic toughness and is not easy to produce fatigue.
2. Breathable and comfortable: fine and breathable weave, the inner layer is made of cotton, absorbs sweat and ventilates, and increases the comfort of wearing.
3. Complete coating: the viscous surface of both sides of the bristles can be covered and adjusted.
4. Waist abdomen: Moderate elasticity and adjustable design can help the recovery of the uterus while giving moderate support to the waist, relieve postpartum backache and accelerate the recovery of the corpus callosum.
Suitable for:
1. Pregnant mommy after childbirth and those who have body sculpting needs.
2. Caesarean section Mummy early protection of wounds after childbirth.
3. Spinal strain, back pain can be used for protection.
Use Suggestions:
It is recommended to use during the day to avoid affecting the rest of the night.
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