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Maternity Brace

As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of maternity brace in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality maternity brace from our factory.
The role of the maternity brace is mainly to help pregnant women lift up the abdomen. For those who feel that the stomach is relatively large, when walking more heavy, they need to help the person with the stomach, especially the ligaments connected to the pelvis are slackened. Pregnant women with sexual pain can support the back.
The maternity brace can help the pregnant woman maintain the correct posture while helping to hold up the abdomen, so that the pregnant woman can still move lightly during pregnancy, and can also make the fetus have a stable feeling. In addition, the maternity brace has an obvious effect on improving the back pain in the third trimester due to gravity, and the low back pain and back pain caused by the effort to maintain the posture of the lower back. In addition, it can also protect the fetus in the abdomen, and has the function of heat preservation, so that the fetus grows in a warm environment.
1. In order not to affect the development of the fetus, the stomach lift belt should not be over-tightened and should be taken off at night.
2. The telescopic elasticity of the maternity brace should be strong, and the enlarged abdomen can be lifted from the lower abdomen to prevent the uterus from sagging, protect the fetal position and reduce the pressure on the waist.
3. Should select maternity brace that is easy to remove and wear, breathable and not sultry.
Applicable People:
1. Have had a history of childbirth, the abdominal wall is very slack, and it becomes a pregnant woman with a drooping belly.
2. Pregnant women with weak constitution;
3. Women who are unsettling or have a premature birth;
4. Women with low back pain and abdominal pain in the second trimester.