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Knee Brace

As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of knee brace in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality knee brace from our factory.
The knee brace is mainly made of knitted fabric, steel plate, artificial leather or leather, nylon buckle, sponge, elastic band, rivet, fixing ring, gluing and other materials. This knee brace is made of high-quality synthetic material, which is fixed by four high-strength aluminum alloy profiles in three parts on the left and right sides. The multiple pressure-bonded buckles adjust the elastic and fix the knee. The knee brace is suitable for severe ligament sprains and is used during recovery after surgery. Its role is to tighten and fix the affected area of ​​the patient.
(1) Effectively fix the internal jugular vein catheter to prevent the catheter from pulling and falling off due to external forces such as movement or clothing, and reduce the occurrence of adverse nursing events.
(2) Instead of the tape fixing, the allergic reaction of the tape is prevented and the adhesive tape is not firmly adhered.
(3) The support belt is easy to disassemble and can be used flexibly. Because the fixed duct is required to be heavy, when the fixed belt has a downward trend, the support belt can block the falling, and the support belt can be removed when not needed.
(4) Increase the comfort of the patient, and will not cause the compression caused by the small force field due to the narrow and tight tension of the fixation band.
(5) The operation is simple and safe, which facilitates the dialysis operation of the hemodialysis nurse and reduces the repeated operation of the repeated wearing strap.
The knee brace is mainly used for the protection of knee ligament injury and tibiofibular fracture fixation.
Use under the guidance of a professional. After the medical fixing tape is placed on the use part, the buckle is fastened to the front part, and the knee brace on both sides are adjusted to a comfortable position.
(1) Please clean it in time to keep the fixing tape clean and dry.
(2) The knee brace includes elastic straps and velcro straps. Long-term use may result in reduced performance and need to be replaced in time.
(3) When wearing the knee brace, the movement is gentle, avoiding the pipe pulling.