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Foot Brace

The foot brace provided by XDH Textile including Neoprene Neoprene Flat Medical Foot Braces & Atheletic Orthopedic Walking Ankle. As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of foot brace in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality foot brace from our factory.
The foot brace is designed for all athletes suffering from mild ankle pain problems to avoid an increase in injury. The role of the support band in the proprioception is gradually emerging, but there is no clear anatomical basis to explain the possible damage of the support band in patients with ankle sprains. Therefore, the purpose of this work is to verify the macro and histological features of the foot brace and to better understand its role in proprioception.
A more classic description of the foot brace is to treat it as a pulley system that maintains the tendon attached to the bone beneath it when the ankle joint is in motion. The foot brace is a thickened part of the deep fascia that is connected to the bone or muscle. It consists of serveral layers of parallel collagen fibers. The layers are closely connected by loose connective tissue. There are many elastic bodies but no many nerve bodies.
The change in the foot brace may not cause mechanical instability of the ankle joint, but it will change the proprioception, which is one of the common sequelae of ankle sprain. Depending on the anatomy of the support band and the role played, a functional bandage can be used early in the ankle sprain, which has many spatial structures similar to the fiber bundles that support the band, so it may promote recovery of the support band. Reconstruct the proprioception to avoid abnormal fiber bundle production or muscle and bone compliance based on muscle and bone tension.
1. Suitable for the treatment of ankle joint swelling and bruising; joint disease and arthritis, can help the ankle instability.
2. Can relieve acute/chronic inflammation after surgery or after injury.
3. Built-in soft silicone pad to massage deep muscle tissue and provide compression for joints.
4. Suitable for exercise and exercise, perfect fit and not slippery.
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