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Body Shaper

As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of body shaper in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality body shaper from our factory.
The body shaper is a kind of abdominal belt that helps the abdomen by means of physical methods, and is dedicated for post-production and non-postpartum. Postpartum special is designed for postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation and prevention of visceral sagging.
The abdomen is the place where postpartum women are most likely to cause body deformation. Because the abdomen is excessively stretched during the birth process, the loose abdominal muscle and enlarged uterine cavity can not be restored in time, which can easily lead to fat accumulation and many gynecological diseases.
The formation not only affects the appearance, but also the culprit of postpartum body deformation and many diseases. The high-quality body shaper has a good effect of shrinking and abdomen. The functional tbody shaper not only helps the abdomen better, but also the postpartum uterus. The recanalization of the birth canal, the discharge of postpartum lochia, and the relief of abdominal pain have good effects.
1. When using the body shaper, first pay attention to chemical fiber stimulation. Some body shapers are made of chemical fiber materials, which are not only uncomfortable, but also have unpleasant bad smell, which will stimulate the skin and respiratory tract.
2. Should be careful not to wrap too tightly when using, otherwise it will not only cause discomfort, but also affect blood circulation, oppression of the gastrointestinal and internal organs.
3. The wearing time should not be too long, or it will oppress the internal organs, affecting blood circulation. It should be moderately tight, and it is best not to use it at night.
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