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Functional Orthopedic Football Arm Brace

Functional Orthopedic Football Arm Brace made in China with high quality and amazing price, touch me, I will surprise you!

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Original Quality Products 
Orthopedic /Rehabilitation /Chiropractic /Sports 
70% Market Share in Japan

   XDH Industry has 70 % market share in Chiropractors and Bone Setters and we have dealt with 20,000 clinics for 21 years.

   The Functional Orthopedic Football Arm Brace are developed from the customer's point of view and reflect the creative and passionate way of work within the company in order to answer to customers needs and wishes.

   The Functional Orthopedic Football Arm Brace always with high quality, conpetitve price.

XDH Industry can offer perfect solution which is suitable for each client.

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Functional Orthopedic Arm Brace.jpg

Functional Orthopedic Football Brace.jpg

   XDH Industry has 70 % market share in Orthopedic fields such as Chiropractors and Bone Setters and we have dealt with more than 20,000 clinics for 21 years. In terms of product development, our company cooperates with a national University in Japan as well.

In addition,  product range comprises more than 200 products such as Back braces, Knee supporters, Ankle supporters and so on.

Product qualification of the arm brace

We hope to expand our market more and


more in the future. 



About us:

 1. 21 years experiences in this field: Founded on April 1, 1963 in Okayama, as XDH Industry, and changed the name to the current one in 1995. Start producing back belts, bandages and supporters from 1984.

2. Market Leader70 % market share in Chiropractors and Bone Setters (20,000 clinics)

3. High quality products: All products are MADE IN JAPAN and under quality control of ISO9001.

4. Unique and distinctive product development: Collaboration with professionals, such as university professors, clinic doctors, and other companies.

5. Wide product range: Product range of 200 products. We can offer different prices, design and function depends on your customers’ needs.

6. OEM is available


About Samples:



1. We offer Samples at special price. Select your interested products and let us know.


About Payments:


1. T/T OR Credit card

2. Full advanced payment before shipping


About Delivery Date:


1. Delivery date from placing order is about 1 to 2 months with our original design and brand name. (in the case you can predict your order earlier, we can prepare the production schedule earlier for smooth production).


2. Delivery date for first OEM order will be about a few months in order to set up the producing condition.


After Sales Service:



1. We will be very grateful, if you give us some suggestions for price and products

2. We are happy to develop new and unique products with you