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Arm Brace

The arm brace provided by XDH Textile including Functional Orthopedic Football Arm Brace, Straight Short Medical Arm Brace, Cotton Breathable Fashion Wrist Brace For Walker And Sports Enthusiast and more. As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of arm brace in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality arm brace from our factory.
- High-density, high-elastic Neoprene material. The HHC special fabric is attached to the outside and can be dried quickly after use.
- With the buckle design, you can adjust the tightness at will, support the wrist joint, and reduce excessive or inappropriate load.
- Suitable for sports that use the wrist frequently.
- High-density, highly elastic and breathable material, special anti-mild and anti-bacterial fabric, can dry quickly, reduce odor and bacteria.
- The thumb ring design can effectively cover and support the wrist joint, reducing excessive or improper load.
- Suitable for sports that use the wrist frequently.
Design concept:
- Find the best balance between athletic performance and safety performance.
- Reduce hard accessories that can hurt the same athlete.
- Keep professional sports protectors to the maximum possible ventilation.
- Avoid poor local circulation due to excessive compression.
- Can be adjusted to suit actual needs.
Basic Functions:
- The arm brace provides support, fixation and compression for arthritis, injured joints, tendons and ligaments.
- Maintaining body temperature promotes blood circulation and helps to relieve fatigue and pain in bones and muscles.
- Prevent excessive injury. Such as: collision, abrasion, bone and contusion, sprain, cramps and so on.
- Beautify local muscle curve.
- If you have an allergic reaction while wearing, stop using it and consult a doctor promptly.
- Children should use the arm brace under the supervision of an adult.
- It is not recommended to wear when sleeping.
- Washing method: hand wash, dry, not iron.