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The brace provided by XDH Textile including Neoprene Flat Medical Foot Braces, Functional Orthopedic Football Arm Brace, Straight Short Medical Arm Brace, Post Natal Abdominal Support Belt, New Upgrade Belt Support Waist Support and more. As a professional manufacturers and suppliers of brace in China, XDH Textile welcome you to buy high quality brace from our factory.
The protective brace is widely used in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. It mainly includes various protective gears (such as wristbands, elbow pads, leg protectors, knee pads, ankle guards and waist protectors, etc.), adhesive plasters, elastic bandages, gauze bandages, etc.
1. Limit the range of motion of the joint, maintain the stability of the joint, and prevent the slack of the injured ligament or other tissues.
2. Limit the abnormal range of activities of muscles and tendons, avoid re-injury of injured tissue, and facilitate repair.
1. Acute injury: Special care should be taken when using it. If it is too tight, it will affect blood circulation, cause local swelling and bleeding, and should be operated by experienced doctors.
2. Support belt for prevention: Practice has proved that the use of a brace in the ankle joint can prevent the ball athlete from spraining and ligament rupture.
3. Use of support belts in the rehabilitation of wounds: In the process of injury and tissue healing, the brace is widely used to promote tissue repair and avoid local re-injury.
The use of the protective brace should be correct or the injury will be aggravated. The general principle is that the joint can be fixed in a relatively suitable position, the injured tissue is no longer involved, and the pain is not aggravated during the activity.
1. To avoid pain when removing the brace, the local sweat should be shaved before use.
2. The width and width of the adhesive should be consistent with the damaged part, and it should be flat and firm when pasted.
3. Avoid the method of continuous circular winding, when you must use it, you should pay attention to its blood circulation.
4. Disabled if there is skin disease or inflammation.
5. The time of use should generally not last more than one week.
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